• The various Forms of GST Returns as are applicable will be followed for submission of the GST Returns.
  • The bank account details with authenticated proof of the same will be taken into wherever necessary for consideration and for submission.
  • Detailed workings in soft copy together with hard copy (if possible) along with Proof of all deductions by way of Input Tax etc will be required for and before submission.
  • Login Id and Password will have to be given in the beginning for all purposes of submission and e-filing and e-verification and access to attachments in the GST portal. Strict cooperation is required for speedy disposal of work from our side.
  • Allied printouts and Forms and Certifications will be charged as separate services.
  • We use the reputed tax software for submission and back up of submitted returns and we have the auto-authorisation to keep and maintain the data and related records. We do not receive or insist on original documentary proofs at any time of the process for submission – if the copies are not legible, physical show and take back will be the client’s duty and the Company will not be responsible nor liable in this regard.
  • We ensure to give acknowledgement in hard copy form for all the work done in submission