• It is our founder’s experience and proven knowledge that it will be tough to find talented accountants who can be giving effective work, timely services, and guidance to top person in the enterprise.
  • It is our honest belief that if proper training is assured to these youngster professionals they will be of great impact on the working of the enterprises.
  • With a sense of social responsibility and in service to youngsters who are trying to find the field of lucrative earnings in accounting, we have set up basic cum modern and full-fledged coaching centre as part of services.
  • The faculty are professionals and academicians selected from practical and qualified background of professional attainments who are well versed in disseminating updated information and knowledge of the accountancy to the career-oriented accounts learning youngsters.
  • The Fee will be charged at a very reasonable and surprise basis for the coaching of these youngsters. Please see elsewhere under Attractions and Tariff we have expressed some details.
  • Our Company Founders had a dream that if those who are behind the decision makers of these small and medium business enterprises are given updated knowledge and information in Taxation and GST then they shall have a good and smooth flow of information between them and the accountants, also their tax professionals (at the yearend) for the proper and effective compliances of the tax laws.
  • We will have exclusive batches for these decision makers to suit their timings as per our Company norms and the syllabus and the faculty will be tailor made.
  • We have recognised the empowerment of women in the field of accounting will push the power of being productive in terms of money making and lead useful spare time from the point of view of domesticity of the women at home.  We have structured batches, classes, timing of classes for training in accounting to all these categories of accounting professionals working on the convenience in taking up their career.