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Goals setting

  • Our Company is formed with an objective of making a provision for the employees of the Company to participate in the ownership and management of Company’s affairs as Executives and they are available for the services to be rendered to the clientele and as such they are the backbone of our Company.
  • We initiate and grow from this our noble mission and determination and move forward into enlarging the horizon of services in more allied fields and to more and more taxpayers in years to come in a cogent and friendly working environment.
  • Company has the much-needed support and guidance of the stalwart/s in the profession of tax accountancy, we at PROGEN cherish our goals along with them with a firm bondage of mutual friendship and family/fraternity.
  • The Executive Staff will be constantly updating their knowledge and skills to assure competitive information and based on client specific engagements.
  • File your ITR as low as for Rs. 999/-

  • Based on number heads of income.


  • File your GSTR as low as for Rs. 499/-

  • based on turnover and number of invoices.


To intensify the need to work towards strengthening and act as bridge between the tax gatherer Government of India and the clientele who have paucity of time to approach physically getting the job of submission of their IT and GST returns.


Venturing into arena of taxation services both ONLINE (mainly) and OFFLINE (appointment based) clients will usher into new dimension of professional networking. This will cater to number of tax payers who can save their precious and time and energy and still get job done at low and comparable cost by staying @ their own place of work, home or travel / business tour.


Trustworthiness, Transparency, Transcend are the epicentres of our work culture.

Welcome Our Clients and Tax Academy Associates / Trainees


  • Our clientele basically includes small and medium taxpayersand they are the people who are not necessarily need to approach physically the tax experts for their submission of IT Returns either because their income is in the category of few tens of lakhs rupees per annum or they have very few sources of income and the computation of their income is reasonably uncomplicated. Clientele having to be assessed based on presumptive income from business or profession as per IT law are also welcome to our services by our Company.
  • We will strive to enable the Progen Tax Academy Trainees to acquire knowledge in taxation and accountancy. This way we work on faculty panel who are professionals in the accountancy and taxation field thru physical and virtual mode-webinars and webcasts.  Our faculty are the great source of our enablement to bring our aim closer to success levels.
  • The data and details of our clientele will be kept secret and we maintain with the great of sense of confidentiality their records in the first place and such data and records of client will be made use strictly for furtherance of services to them alone in the ensuring timeline as this process will enable time saving from both sides precisely.

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